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Golden Pacific Jon Sooy is an entreprenurial new media communications executive with extensive experience in team building, market strategy, sales strategy, online media, online marketing, print, fulfillment and high tech industries. Jon is results-oriented and has a proven record as a motivator and coach. His empowering management style fosters strong and dynamic teams that thrive on creative solutions and profitibility.

In the past 10 years, Jon has spent most of his time as VP Sales & Marketing and Chief Technology Officer working with all levels of management from C-level down. He is a strong proponent of relationship and consultative based sales and marketing strategies.

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Jon is best known for being a catalyst for change. His creativity, objectivity and for his ability to hire and build strong teams has led him to success in every endeavor. - Cached - Similar
Golden Pacific Born in 1967 on a raft in the middle of the Spokane River, Jon quickly got to work on his path towards innovator, instigator and maven. His earliest reported memory is of a battery powered toy car tethered by a small wire to a remote control. Jon thought to himself, "Dude, what's with the cord? We can send a man to the moon but we can't make a wireless remote?" However, because he was only two years old it came out as, "ma ma." His obsession with the why and how things work continued throughout childhood as he dealt with the inner struggle of dissecting the relationship between art, science and the dramatically repressive public school system.

Golden Pacific At age nine he was left at home with a babysitter who fell asleep during Jon's discussion of the use of leverage as a means of opening the locked candy drawer. Jon then proceeded to dismantle the family blender to see how it works. Upon returning home, Jon's parents found Jon at the kitchen table with blender parts strewn across the surface. Chaos and expletives flew. Once the dust settled, Jon reassembled the blender and only had one piece left over. The blender worked fine, so obviously this part was an electronic listening device installed by the government (aka his parents) and was secretly discarded without incident. These events set the stage for Jon's development as an unconventional and creative problem solver.

Battling the status quo at virtually every turn, one of Jon's major pet peeves is when he is asked 'What do you do?' But, since this is Wikipedia-esque, let's just state for the record that Jon is currently employed at Golden Pacific Systems and holds two titles: Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Technology Officer.

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Golden Pacific Systems - 2000 to Present
Jon is often referred to as an 'innovator' and sometimes as an 'instigator.' At Golden Pacific, he is responsible for completely reinventing the company's business model and culture. - Cached - Similar
Golden PacificGolden Pacific Systems | 2000-present | Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Technology Officer

As a sales and marketing executive Jon's main focus is to generate awareness, drive transactions and increase market share. Jon completely re-invigorated his current sales organization, tripling the company’s sales within 4 years.

Jon possesses a high aptitude for presenting to and inspiring others to think out-of-the-box. Current high-profile clients include: P.F. Changs, Bostons Pizza, Togo’s Restaurants, Safari Books Online, The American Lung Association, Baskin Robbins, LEMO USA and many others.

An early proponent of the immeasurable power of the internet as a marketing tool, Jon's initiatives incorporate email, direct mail, social media and other technology driven tools. While Jon speaks the language of marketing, his background and technical knowledge enable him to facilitate and act as a powerful liaison between creative staff, Supervisors and IT personnel.
    Marketing and Sales: Strategic Planning, Brand Building, E-Mail Marketing, Direct Mail, Social Media, Personalized URL's, SEO Tactics
    Leadership and Vision: Team Building, Coaching, Presentations, Innovation
    Technologies and Systems: All Adobe Applications, All MicroSoft Applications, All Operating Systems

Golden Pacific
Founded in 1977, Golden Pacific Systems, Inc. quickly established itself as a leader in Print Management solutions. Golden Pacific's motto was simple: Give Us Challenges and We Will Provide Solutions. As the years passed, the company gradually developed a larger product mix in an effort to become a true one-stop shop for local businesses. They also had the foresight to embrace technology early on as a strategic business opportunity.

As the experts in the business solutions industry for over 30 years, Golden Pacific entered the internet age with a goal of using new technologies to better serve their clients. The company assembled a group of creative, forward-thinking individuals, and the team, led by Jon Sooy, was able to evolve company software and perfect an on-line ordering system previously unknown in the industry. Coupled with Golden Pacific’s vast knowledge base and its reputation for exceptional customer service, these customized tools were welcomed by clients who quickly came to appreciate their time- and cost-saving benefits.

As they one by one began to convert to the new system, customers experienced unbelievable productivity and results, enabling each one to save tens of thousands of dollars annually. The GPnet™ brand was born and it began to explode in the marketplace. Golden Pacific’s sales escalated – ultimately quadrupling overall – as it became clear that the creative business solutions our team developed have forever changed the way businesses do business.

Our industry will never be the same, and we are honored to lead the way in its expansion.

Other Professional Experience:
    BroadVision Marketing | 2007-present | Consultant / Creative Advisor
    Sooy, Inc. | 1996-1999 | Vice President
    Expertees, Inc. | 1993-1996 | Director of Operations
    Expressions Sportswear | 1988-1993 | Graphic Design
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BroadVision Marketing - 2007 to Present
One thing stays constant: you need to consistently attract new customers while at the same time nurture existing relationships. Jon Sooy will help you attract new customers. - Cached - Similar
Golden PacificBroadVision Marketing | 2007-present | Principal and Creative Director

BroadVision's mission is to to help its' clients recruit all the business and clients they need to achieve their goals.

Jon's role at BVM is to leverage creativity and technology to drive traffic. Current clients include: Top Speed Data, Farmers Insurance and many others.

Other Professional Experience:
    Golden Pacific Systems, Inc. | 2000-present | VP Sales and Marketing and Chief Technology Officer
    Sooy, Inc. | 1996-1999 | Vice President
    Expertees, Inc. | 1993-1996 | Director of Operations
    Expressions Sportswear | 1988-1993 | Graphic Design
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While Jon hasn't quite made it on to CNN yet, it's really just a matter of time. However, his two dogs (Diesel and Dexter) were quite impressed by the feature stories about him in The North Bay Business Journal and North Bay Biz Magazine. Click the links below to see more:
    North Bay Business Journal
    Feb 22, 2010 ... Jon Sooy To turn things around, company Vice President of Marketing Jon Sooy started by reviewing Golden Pacific’s enterprise software and discovered an online ordering module that had been overlooked. It became GPnet... More...

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San Jose State University | Bachelor of Fine Arts - 1991
Jon Sooy breaks the rules by ingoring high school administrators and well meaning counselors who advised pursuing a degree in business or engineering. Instead he pursued fine art as a means of further developing his abilities as an innovator... - Cached - Similar
Golden PacificJon's time at San Jose State University proved to be quite important in terms of further developing his unique problem solving skills. Seth Godin quote here.While at SJSU, Jon paired up with well known 70's and 80's artist Sam Richardson who took Jon on as his advisor. This relationship gave Jon the ability to take several courses usually reserved for graduate students. Jon also put on numerous one-man exhibits within the university's unique gallery system.

While at SJSU, Jon paired up with well known artist Sam Richardson who became Jon's advisor and mentor. This relationship gave Jon the ability to take several courses usually reserved for graduate students. Jon also put on numerous one-man exhibits within the university's gallery system. Most notable was his installation where he was given 'The Black Gallery' for a one week show. In this particular gallery (characteristically painted entirely black - walls, ceiling and floor), Jon painted all surfaces of the space a bright yellow and installed a 700 lb. oversized plug (like you plug into a wall) made out of steel, wood and other materials. The reaction from students and faculty could be summed up in two words: "whoa" and "wow." Sam Richardson said to several other students that Jon was ' advanced thinker.' Jon simply liked the ephemeral quality of installation art and this helped shape how he views all challenges; with a sense of excitment at the opportunity to obliterate conventional expectations.

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